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The Advantages of Houston Metal Garages vs. Brick Buildings

The Advantages of Houston Metal Garages vs. Brick Buildings

Selecting the right materials for your construction project can make a major difference in the quality and durability of the results. Once relegated to second-class status and used primarily for Houston metal garages and warehouses, steel has gained popularity in recent years. Steel building materials offer a number of significant advantages over brick and mortar installations. Here are some of the most important benefits of steel over brick in the modern construction of Houston building systems.

Faster and Easier

Steel requires much less labor during the construction process of Houston metal garages than comparable brick structures. In some cases, major components of steel buildings can be fabricated elsewhere and brought to the site for assembly, saving time and money for your construction company. Brick must be laid by skilled masons on-site and requires much more time to complete, extending the time needed to finish your project.

Less Expensive

Choosing steel for your building projects can not only reduce your labor costs but can save you money on materials as well. Steel is usually significantly cheaper than brick, allowing you to manage the costs of your building projects more effectively. When considering the cost of brick installations, be sure to figure in the extra supply of replacement bricks that will be needed to replace damaged or lost bricks over the life of the building.

Lower Maintenance

Houston metal garages can save time and money during construction and for many years afterward. The durable nature of steel components can reduce the need for repairs, coatings and constant painting. This can serve as a real selling point for municipal buildings and other public facilities by lowering the overhead cost of these structures over the long run. Bricks must be cleaned regularly and may require repointing to remove aging mortar and to replace it with new, matching mortar to ensure the longevity of your walls. Repointing is best left to the professionals and may be an expensive process.

Green-Friendly and Durable

Steel construction methods typically reduce the amount of waste produced and energy consumed during the building process. Additionally, steel is highly recyclable and can be reused over and over. This can further decrease the environmental impact of these Houston building systems. Bricks, by contrast, typically have a shorter lifespan and cannot easily be reused or recycled. Exposure to moisture can accelerate the deterioration process and can allow mold or mildew to build up on surfaces, causing even more damage to exterior brickwork over time.

The experts at Aerohaus Metal Buildings can provide you with the most extensive lineup of Houston metal barns, garages, arenas, warehouses, workshops and public facilities in our area. We have more than 35 years of experience in designing and creating practical steel building solutions for clients in our area. Call us today at 281-890-4700 to learn more about our steel building systems and how they can help you achieve your construction goals in a cost-effective and timely manner.


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