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Houston Metal Barns vs. Wood Barns

Houston Metal Barns vs. Wood Barns

Some people prefer pole barns over Houston metal barns in the same way that some people favor one type of automobile over the rest. However, if you consider the benefits of metal over wood, you would immediately realize which type of barn is the best investment.

A pole barn may cost less than a metal barn, but if it burns down in 12 months or is infested with termites in three years, where are the savings? Building two wooden barns is more expensive than building one metal barn. Houston steel buildings have tighter construction, and every section was built for that structure. None of the parts have weak spots or knotholes. This reduces infestations by rodents, wasps, ants and other undesirable tenants.

Here are some more reasons you should check into metal Houston building systems.

  • A metal barn has no obtrusive poles to minimize the open space under the roof. Once a clear span reaches 40 feet, metal is less expensive. The limitless clear span makes a metal building more suited for machinery, equipment and inventory storage. The building is lighter and stronger than a pole barn. It can even handle livestock better than a wooden barn.
  • Galvanized metal components do not rust. Some Houston metal barns have a 40-year warranty. Wood takes a beating all year from hail, wind, sun and rain. In a humid environment like Houston, your pole barn will begin to deteriorate in short order.
  • Metal buildings work effectively for such varied uses as a storage barn, a church or a storefront. Each component of the building meets stringent guidelines for sheer strength. Well-designed and expertly assembled metal buildings have endured tornadoes, hurricanes and the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them.
  • Steel beams will not twist, shrink, decay, split or warp like wood does. It stays rigid for the building’s lifespan, which saves you money on fasteners and components.
  • Metal has more design flexibility.
  • Metal buildings require less maintenance.
  • Steel is 100 percent recyclable, and it retains all of its strength when it is recycled. It is the best choice for the environment.

Aerohaus Metal Buildings has been servicing Houston, the United States and national markets since 1980. Whether you need a shed or a warehouse, we can help you plan your next metal building. Call us at 281-890-4700. Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau speaks for itself. Contact us to get your Houston metal barns project off the ground.


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