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Aerohaus Metal Buildings Inc. Aerohaus Metal Buildings Inc. Aerohaus Metal Buildings Inc.

About Aerohaus Metal Buildings

Aerohaus Metal BuildingsSince 1980 Aerohaus has been providing quality pre-engineered metal buildings for the local Houston, Texas, national, and international markets.

Our buildings are designed and manufactured according to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association standards (MBMA).

Our professional engineering staff and modern manufacturing facility assure that our customers end up with a top-quality product that meets their specifications and requirements.

Whether you need a 30 x 30 x 10 or a 300 x 300 x 40 building, we can meet your needs.

Since our buildings are pre-engineered and manufactured in a component state, they are easy to ship to any point in the United States via truck or most areas in the world via containers.  The component design makes it easy to erect on-site.

Let us provide your next metal building, office, shop, warehouse, aircraft hangar, barn, or other facility.

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